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Boiler Chemicals

What are boiler water chemicals?
Boiler chemicals are used to prevent and minimize corrosion and to reduce energy costs.

What boiler water treatment chemicals do I need?
For steam boilers, you need to purchase steam boiler chemicals or all in one boiler water chemicals. For hot water boilers, you must purchase a boiler rust inhibitor.

How do I feed my boiler treatment chemicals?
Steam Boiler Chemicals should be feed to a few locations. The amine should be injected to the steam header or to the center of the feed water line with injection quills. The phosphate should be fed to the center of the feed water line and the alkalinity and sulfite should be fed to the center of the feedwater tanks. Hot water boiler chemicals should be feed into a Chemical pot feeder they can be injected into the feed water system direct with metering pumps.

What tests should I perform on my boiler water?
For steam boilers, monitor the boiler water conductivity, phosphate, sulfite, hardness, and alkalinity. For hot water boilers perform conductivity measurements and nitrite. Please take a minute and read though our "Top 10" over looked items when setting up a steam boiler treatment program.

How do I control my boiler water chemicals?
Always automate your boiler water system and use a conductivity meter. This will save you time and will ensure you have a successful boiler water treatment program. The second most important thing is always use a softener. These both items are very important to ensure a very successful boiler water treatment program.

What type of Boiler Antifreeze do I need?
Boiler antifreeze is nothing more then diluted Propylene Glycol. Listed here are a few different types of Propylene Glycol.

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Boiler Chemicals Common Questions
Frequently Asked Questions on Boiler Chemicals

Boiler Treatment

What are some basic maintenance ideas for maintaining our boiler?
Always perform basic operational checks as a daily routine in your maintenance schedule. Chemical testing alone is not the only thing that is required to ensure you maximize your boiler performance. Always follow proper shut down procedures and boiler start up procedures. Idle time for the boiler is where a lot of problems occur. Make sure to keep your boiler protected with proper boiler chemicals during idle time. Get familiar with the ASTM quality guidelines for your specific boiler chemicals.

I need help selecting my chemicals?
If you are having problem selecting the proper chemical for you boiler, please contact us direct.

What boiler corrosion control chemicals would I use?
There are different types of corrosion within boilers. So identify which boiler you have prior to determining your boiler corrosion control chemical method you will implement.

The most common type of corrosion with steam boilers, is due from dissolved oxygen. You must remove the boiler water dissolved oxygen within the water to minimize boiler corrosion due from oxygen. Also, in steam boilers you must increase boiler water pH to minimize the overall corrosion rates. This will ensure you have good boiler corrosion control when selecting your steam boiler chemicals.

For hot water boilers, you must passivate the metals the in order to minimize boiler corrosion. This is done with a good boiler corrosion chemical.

Where can I buy boiler water treatment chemicals?
At ChemWorld, we sell to all end users. Just give us a call or order on line direct!

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