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Boiler Alkalinity

Boiler Alkalinity chemicals are used to increase the boiler water pH within the boiler water. The mild steel boiler tubes prefer higher pH waters. Increasing the boiler pH may reduce corrosion rates, allow the polymer to activate, and minimize silica scaling. ChemWorld stocks 25% and 50% of alkalinity solutions.

Do I have to use a boiler alkalinity chemical?
Not every steam boiler requires a boiler pH adjustment chemical. If you have high pH makeup water you may naturally cycle up the boiler water pH and may not require a pH adjustment chemical. For high silica waters in high pressure steam boilers, it is important to maintain a 3:1 total alkalinity to silica ratio to prevent silica from plating on your boiler tubes.

If you are using an all polymer scale prevention chemical it is also important to keep the boiler water pH above 10.5 to ensure the polymer properly works at capturing the calcium and magnesium within the boiler water.
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