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Boiler Conductivity Controller

What is a boiler conductivity controller?
A boiler conductivity controller is used to maintain a specific conductivity measurement within the boiler water. A boiler conductivity controller will reduce water usage, save on energy costs, and reduce boiler chemical costs. A control is installed with a verity of boiler controller pipes. In addition to a boiler controller, a blowdown package must be purchased.

Do I have to buy a boiler conductivity controller?
If you have a boiler above 50 hp, we recommend installing a boiler conductivity controller. Automation is very important in order to have a successful water treatment program.

How do I install a boiler conductivity controller?
A boiler conductivity is installed on the blowdown valve and depending on the boiler size will blowdown continuously or on a timed basis.

How do I calibrate conductivity controller?
You need to purchase a hand held meter to calibrate the controller. After the meter is calibrated, take a measurement of the boiler water.
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Conductivity Controllers for Steam Boilers
Boiler Conductivity Controller
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