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Boiler Fireside

How to inspect the fireside of a boiler inspection?

There are two sides to every firetube boiler, the water side and the fire side. Both require bi-annual inspection.

Appropriate maintenance must be perform in order to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.

The fireside of your boiler will include all refractories, furnace, tubes, and tube sheets.  First open the boiler up:

1) Use a bright light to visually inspect the Boiler Fireside surface condition. Check for blistering and pock marks.  Blistering and pock marks are an indication of corrosion from flue gas condensation. Condensation creates an acidic solution that may dissolve away the furnace tubes. This may be from not maintaining a minimum water temperature of 170 degrees F or from low duty times. Short cycling may cause condensation formation. 

2) Look at the Boiler Fireside tubes for soot deposits. Soot is a byproduct of combustion. It will reduce heat transfer in your boiler and will increase your energy costs. Have any soot cleaned during shutdown.  If you run a properly adjusted boiler you may only need to clean your tubes once a year.  Heavy sooting is an indication that you are trying to fire too much fuel. If this is the case, have the burner adjusted by a qualified boiler technician. A good practice to monitor sooting is to install a stack thermometer.  If the stack temperature begans to increase above normal operating conditions, sooting is occurring and make plans for a boiler shutdown. 

3) Look at Boiler Fireside tube ends for leaks. Leaks will appear as white deposit streaks located on the tube end. You may need to have the tubes rerolled or replaced.

4) Check the gaskets used to seal the boiler up.

5) Check the Boiler Fireside is the refractory for cracks and make sure it is tight.  Wash coat will help seal the refractory.  Loose refractory brick must be replaced.

Before starting up the boiler make sure to check all items associated with the boiler.
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