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Boiler Start Up

How do I start up a boiler after inspection?
In many cases, steam boilers are only used in the winter for heat. To make sure you are operating safely and at peak efficiency:
  1. Have the boiler inspected by a qualified boiler service technician
  2. Open both the water and fireside of the boiler for an inspection. 
  3. Clean both the fireside and waterside. 
  4. Call your inspector after you have cleaned things up. 
  5. Reassemble your boiler use new gaskets.
  6. Clean and inspect your low water cutoff. 
  7. Check all safety devices, including a pop test on the safety relief valves, flame safeguard checks and a leak test on safety shut-off valves.
  8. Prime your boiler chemical pumps.
  9. Make sure to have your boiler maintenance charts ready to use. It is good to store them in the testing cabinet>.

When reviewing proper Boiler Start Up, here are some you may consider reviewing:

 Review the Refractory
 Flame Detector
 Pilot Valves
 Replace all Fireside Gaskets
 Scanner Tube
 Main Gas Valves
 Air and Oil Hoses
 Refractory Baffle Gaskets
 Programmer Main Gas Regulators
 Water Column Assembly
 Burner Gaskets
 Damper Motor
 Gas Butterfly Valves
 Oil Metering Stem
 Mandhole Gaskets
 Cam Assemblies
 Blower Motor
 Back Pressure Orifice
 Low water cut offs
 Linkages Air Proving Switch
 Stem Packing
 Oil Gun Assembly
 Ignition Cable
 Atomizing Air Pump
 Gauges & Ports
 Pilot Electrode
 Operating Limit Controls
 Air Cleaner
 Stack Temperatures

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