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Types of Outdoor Wood Boiler Chemicals

What is a boiler rust inhibitor?
A boiler rust inhibitor is designed to prevent corrosion on the water side of your boiler system. A boiler rust inhibitor will protect iron, lower grades of stainless steel, yellow metals, and aluminum from corrosion.

Will this product work on outdoor wood stove?

Yes, this product is designed to work in all wood boilers. So no matter what unit this product will work excellent in your system?

What kind of boiler rust inhibitor is this?
This Boiler Corrosion Chemicals is highly concentrated liquid buffered Nitrite/ Borate/ Silicate inhibitor designed for closed loop or open loop outdoor woodstoves with minimal water loses.

One Gallon treats 250 to 500 Gallons of fresh water.

What happened to HeatSource 1?
Heatsource 1 has been purchased by new owners in early 2012. Prior to the new ownership ChemWorld was the supplier of HeatSource 1 boiler corrosion chemicals.

How do I know how much chemical do I need to feed?
On the initial dosage, just add the chemical to the system until it turns a light pink. After the initial dosage, just check the color of the boiler water. If it is pink, no more chemical is required. Or you may use a nitrite test kit or nitrite residual test strips to verify the chemical residual.

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Wood Boiler Treatment Chemicals Wood Boiler Treatment Chemicals - 5 Gallons Wood Boiler Rust Inhibitor
Wood Boiler Chemical - 1 Gallon: Treats 300 to 500 gallons
Our Price: $89.99
Sale Price: $63.99
You save $26.00!

Wood Boiler Chemical - 5 Gallons: Treats 1,500 to 2,500 gallons
Our Price: $329.99
Sale Price: $219.99
You save $110.00!

55 gallons - Wood Boiler Corrosion Chemical
Our Price: $1,999.99
Sale Price: $1,699.99
You save $300.00!
Wood Boiler Chemicals - 1 Gallon: Treats 300 to 500 Gallons Wood Boiler Chemicals - 5 Gallons: Treats 1,500 to 2,500 Gallons Wood Boiler Chemicals - 55 gallons
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